DesignBundles Gold Plus Membership And Why This Is A Game Changer!


Why Is The Gold Plus Membership A Game Changer?

Recently I posted on here on the website, my Facebook groups and pages about an opportunity and I just wanted to give you a little more in depth information about why this opportunity is such a game changer.

Recently DesignBundles revamped some sections of their site, as well as adding some new licensing and adding more benefits to their Gold Plus Membership.

You may be thinking this doesn’t pertain to you but please keep reading to the end.

With the upgraded benefits to the Gold Plus Membership, Design Bundles includes their new POD licensing and this is HUGE.

What is POD licensing and why is this “HUGE”?

POD licensing stands for Print On Demand. Print on Demand sites are sites such as Zazzle, Teepublic, Redbubble and many more. With POD sites, you create a shop on their site, and upload your designs onto their merchandise to create your products for sale. They in turn, actually print the product for you and ship it as well. They handle all the customer service, billing etc. You do the creating and promoting your shop.

But what if I don’t know how to create designs?

THIS is where the Gold Plus Membership with POD licensing comes in! With POD licensing, you can upload designs purchased under the Gold Plus Membership to POD sites, legally, without ever touching/changing a design! Yep, you can upload them exactly as they are.

This is HUGE because this is not only a timesaver even for someone who knows how to design, but if you don’t know how to design, with the Gold Plus Membership, you would have access to so many beautiful designs!!

So if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at an online shop, this could be your opportunity. Do not get me wrong, this is not a get rich quick thing and there is some work to it, after all, you still have to promote your store and upload designs. It takes some time and effort but what I like about selling designs online, you create the product one time, and it can sell over and over and over. There is very little overhead!

Some of these sites charge a monthly fee for your shop while others allow you to set your shop up for free, and even set your prices and your percentage of royalties. (I personally use Zazzle because it is free, they have a ton of products you can put designs on and you can set your own prices.)

No tshirts, mugs, blankets to keep in inventory, no shipping to worry about, no heat press equipment or cutting machines, printers, ink or supplies to pay for! How much better can it get??

There are many other benefits to the Gold Plus Membership but this one truly does change everything! 

Take a look at the different plans and benefits of becoming a Design Bundles Plus Member today!

Just click the image below and take a look~



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