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Free SVG File~Lip Balm Holder Cards

These Lip Balm Holder Cards are perfect for stocking stuffers or attached to gifts.

Things you will need:

*You can find the free svg file for this tutorial here.

*Christmas Friends Clipart/Illustration Bundle Here

(or you can use your own clipart)

*Light Cardstock/Scrapbook paper (you can use heavier cardstock but I found that these work much better with lightweight cardstock.) The actual ones I used are:

Recollections Signature Special Shimmer Card Stock White Gold (Michaels)

Regular Cardstock, dark green (Staples brand cardstock)

Scrapbook paper from Recollections Mermazing Paper Pad (Michaels)

*Glue stick or tacky glue

*Cricut cutting machine and Lightweight Mat (blue)

*Cricut scoring stylus and fine tip blade

Let’s get started!

  1. Download the set of files for this project and unzip the folder. Save it to your desktop or wherever you will be able to easily find it again.
  2. Make sure your cricut scoring stylus is inserted into holder A and your Fine point blade is inserted into holder B.
  3. There are two different “outsides” to this card that you can choose from and there are two different “insides”. Starting with the inside, choose either the regular size, this fits most lip balms and chapsticks. If you are creating these for something a little larger, such as a pocket type spray or lotion, or anything about the size of a glue stick, you will want to use the inside file marked Large. Choose your file.
  4. Sign into Design Space and make sure your machine is connected.
  5. Click New Project
  6. You should now be looking at your workspace within Design Space.
  7. Click Upload, then click Upload Image, then click Browse and find your svg file.
  8. Select the file, you can give it a name if you choose, then click Save.
  9. Select the file in your list, and click Insert Image.

  1. Locate the two layers that have Vertical Lines in them. THIS IS IMPORTANT!
  2. Select those two layers and change them to SCORE instead of cut.

  1. Now Select All (or ctrl A on windows computer) and click Attach.
  2. Click Make It. Load your mat with whatever cardstock you have chosen for the Inside of your card. Click Continue.
  3. Make sure your dial is set to the appropriate setting for whatever cardstock you are using.

  1. Follow the onscreen prompts to cut your file.
  2. Remove the mat and turn it upside down. Carefully roll the mat back away from your cardstock. You can fold the card on the score lines and flip out the little bottom half circle that is cut to keep the lip balm from sliding out. Set this piece off to the side for now.
  3. Choose your outside card. There are 3 different versions to choose from. All of them will fit both the Regular size Inside and the Large size Inside. (the only difference in those two files are the length of the cuts on the inside to make it bigger or smaller to hold your  item.)
  4. If you chose the Merry Christmas outside, this will be done differently than the others. If you chose one of the other outsides, you can skip to #32.

  1. For the Merry Christmas outside, this is a PNG file so it will be a Print then Cut file. Upload it to Design Space, Click Complex, Click Continue, Click Continue again.
  2. Click Save as Print Then Cut.
  3. Select it and click Insert Images. This is going to come into Design Space as a very large file, but that’s ok. This is because I have the PNG image set to 300 dpi so you get a really good quality print. Set the size using the little size boxes at the top to 7.25″ wide by 4.138″ high.
  1. Before we go any further, you can either delete the images from the previous cut or you can just hide those layers by clicking the little eye icon on the right hand side of the layer.
  2. Now you will need to Add two score lines. Click on Shapes and select Score line. Do this twice. Move them approximately to the center of your image.
  3. Select only the two score line layers and click Align and click Align Vertically. Keeping them selected, click Group.
  4. With the score line layers still selected, make sure their width shows .982. (you can type this in the size box at the top, it doesn’t matter what their length is).Now Select All, or Ctrl A, and click Align again. Align both vertically and horizontally.
  5. Click Attach. Then click Make It.
  6. It is going to look bigger than it is on your mat on screen because of the  bounding box that Cricut uses for Print and Cut files. Make sure you have your cardstock/paper in your printer, and click Continue.
  7. Send to printer. You can turn off Add Bleed. Click Print.

  1. Once it has finished printing, put it on your mat the same way it showed on your mat on the screen.
  2. Click Go and your cricut will cut around the image for you. Remove it from the mat again by turning the mat upside down and rolling it back away from your cardstock.
  3. You can now skip to #37.
  4. If you are using either the blank outside or the scalloped blank outside for your card, upload the file to your Design Space and Insert it into your project.
  5. Turn off any other layers or delete them. Locate the two vertical line layers and select them both. Turn them into Score layers. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

  1. Select all, or Ctrl A, and click Attach.
  2. Click Make it and load your mat with the cardstock of your choice. Make sure your dial is set to the appropriate cut setting. Follow the onscreen instructions to cut your file.
  3. Remove from your mat by turning the mat upside down and rolling it back off of your cardstock. Set this aside.
  4. If you downloaded the Christmas Friends    Clipart/Illustration Bundle, locate the little deer clipart file and upload it to Design Space. Click Complex, Save it and Insert Images.
  5. This is going to come in large so you will need to size it to about 1.5″ wide x 1.966 high. You can duplicate this as many times as you need for however many cards you are making. Click Make It.
  6. Click Continue, Click Send To Printer, turn off bleed. Make sure your cardstock/paper is in the printer and click Print.
  7. Attach your cardstock to the mat just as it showed on the onscreen mat and click Go. Once the deer are cut, again, remove them from the mat by turning the mat upside down and rolling it back off of the cardstock.
  8. Now we are ready to assemble the cards.
  9. Fold both your Inside and Outside along the score lines. Be sure to push the holder part and the bottom holder towards the inside of the card before you glue!
  10. I used just some dots of Tacky Glue to glue the spines of the Inside and the Outside of the cards together. Let that set up a little, then you can place some glue under the outside flaps and glue to the inside flaps.
  11. Glue your little deer to the front of the card. Once this has dried a little, I used a hand held paper punch, holding the card closed and put a hole about center on the opening edge of the card so that I could tie it closed with a ribbon. I tied the ribbon through the back hole so that when it is untied, the ribbon does not fall off.
  12. Add your written note on the inside, add your lip balm and using the ribbon tie it shut! Your’e done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and get good use out of our Lip Balm Card Holder this holiday season!

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