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How To Upload And Cut An SVG File In Cricut Design Space

I’ve had a few people ask me how to use an SVG file that they have either downloaded or purchased from someone, in Cricut Design Space.

I decided to do a quick (really quick!) video on how to do this along with a couple of issues that you may run into and how to fix them.

Sometimes when you upload the SVG, your file may have more than one color and you will want to cut it on different mats for each color. If you are not sure how to do this, then this video is for you. There is a link below the video where you can download the exact file I used in this tutorial.



Get the Free Beach Life SVG File Here.

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2 Thoughts to “How To Upload And Cut An SVG File In Cricut Design Space”

  1. Stephanie

    Hi! Thank You so much for the tutorials! I do have a question and cant seem to get any answers. I downloaded 3 svg files to DS and when i go to look at them they are black blocks. Am I doing something wrong? is there a way to fix it?

    1. Good morning, without actually seeing the files and knowing your exact steps I really cannot answer. There could be several reasons this is happening. You may have uploaded the wrong file type, or saved it as a cut file when it is a print and cut, etc. I would encourage you to join our Facebook group that we have for learning where you can ask your question and be able to get more help and a better answer. The name of the group is SVG Newbies.

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