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How To Use The Files On This Website In Cricut Design Space

I get a lot of requests from folks who are new to this craft, on how to use this website and the files here. I decided to post a step by step tutorial here.

Click on the Freebies tab, or you can do a search using the search box in the upper right hand corner of the page. Find the file(s) you like.
Click on “View Product” and it will take you to the file’s product page. You will see a button towards the bottom, that says Add to Cart. Add as many as you want to your shopping cart. Go through the Checkout process. It will add the files at zero dollars.
As you go through the Checkout process, it will give you the option to create a free account. (If you do this, the next time you won’t have to fill out everything on checkout, and it allows you to keep track of your downloads.)
Once through the Checkout, it will take you to a Download page. Click on the button of the file you want to download.
Save the file to your computer, watch where you save it to so you can find it again. (I always save mine to my desktop, or you can save it to your Downloads folder, where ever it is easiest for you to find it again!)
You are downloading a Zip file so it will have to be unzipped.
Locate the zip file you downloaded, right click on it with your mouse. In the menu that pops up, it should say Extract All, click that. This will create a new folder with all the files in it. (You can then get rid of the Zip file.)
Now open Design Space (I am assuming you have it already set up, if not, you will have to do this first)
Once you are in Design Space, click New Project.
Next, click Upload (bottom left of screen)
Click Upload Image
Click Browse, and locate the folder you just downloaded and unzipped.
Find the SVG file. In my files, I generally include several different formats as different machines use different file types. The Cricut uses SVG files, or Png/Jpeg.
The SVG file will have .svg as the extension, and the Icon will look like whatever Browser you use. For example, if you use Chrome, it will look like a Chrome web page icon. If you use Internet Explorer, it will look like an Internet Explorer file.
Upload the Svg file. Give it a minute, sometimes the files are large and it seems like it is not doing anything but it is.
Once it is uploaded, you are given the option to Name the file. Then you want to click Save.
Now it will show in your Uploaded Images. For the rest of this tutorial, please see the video below:

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