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If You’re In Fear You’re Not In Faith Wall Canvas

I’ve been working on a new file bundle for what seems like weeks now and I really haven’t had any time to actually “make” something. So today, I stopped what I was doing and took time out to have a little bit of creative fun!

I had purchased a couple of 11 x 14 canvas’s from Dollar General a while back, for $3.00 each, and they have been lying on my craft table (well it’s really my kitchen table but we’ll call it a craft table, it makes me feel better that way..ha).

I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, I knew I wanted to try something with my alcohol inks (I love my alcohol inks!) but I just wasn’t sure what.

So I got out the air compressor, inks and the canvas. It was a perfect, gloomy, cool, rainy day for it! 🙂


I painted the entire canvas with basic, acrylic white craft paint and let that dry. I did this as I thought it may be a problem with the raw canvas absorbing the alcohol inks too much and then I would not be able to spread the inks around with the air.

If you are not familiar with alcohol inks, you can check out one of my old video’s where I do a glass vase with them.


Once that was dry, I started up my little air compressor and went to work with the inks. Just a note, you do not have to use an air compressor. You can do the same thing with a straw by blowing air through the straw as you drip the inks on your project. (I’m just too lazy and I prefer the air compressor because it is faster!)

adirondack alcohol inks


Once I had my canvas completely covered with the inks and I was satisfied, I used a medium brown acrylic paint to go around the edges of the canvas.

After the canvas was dry (about 20 minutes or so) I then gave it a very light clear coat. Treehouse Studios Clear Acrylic Gloss is the actual clear coat that I used. I think any would do, Modge Podge Gloss, or whatever you might have around. You just want to make sure you are applying very light coats so the inks do not run.

Here is what I ended up with for the canvas itself with the alcohol inks:

Canvas before vinyl


I decided to add one of my recent files I created. You can find a free download of that svg file here. If You’re In Fear You’re Not In Faith.

It was a toss up on what color I would use for the vinyl, black or a dark brown. The black was a little sharper against the canvas but I opted for a softer look with the dark brown. The vinyl is Oracal 651.



Here is my finished product.If you're in fear you're not in faith wall canvas

I decided not to clear coat over the top of the vinyl, it seems to be adhered to the canvas just fine and I was afraid if I did apply the top coat it may actually break down the adhesion so I left well enough alone!

I hope you enjoyed my little project and feel free to click the link above and get the file for your own projects. I would love to see what you make with it!

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