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Organizing Your Image Files

If you are like me, you are constantly downloading not only SGV Files but even just images from the internet for ideas for another time. What do you do with all those images??? Is your desktop on your computer so cluttered you can’t find anything?

Maybe you are semi-organized and have folders but now you aren’t sure what folder you might have put that image of pink flowers in 6 months ago?

With all of the SVG Files I post for free download, I include a jpg. The reason I do this is so that they can be tagged with keywords. If you do not know  how to do this, read on. Please note that this is for Windows computers, I do not know if you can tag images on Mac computers. Someone feel free to comment in the comment section below and let us know if this can be done on a Mac.

Let’s say you just downloaded an image to your desktop. Find the image and right click on the image thumbnail you see on your desktop.

Scroll to the bottom of the pop up menu, and click on properties.



Click on the “Details” Tab and scroll down until you find the “Tags” line. Click on that line on the right side of it. It will open up a little box for you to insert tags.

Insert key words here separated by semi colons. Maybe it’s got flowers in it, roses in particular. You might add the following tags: Flowers; Roses;


Add whatever tags will help you find the image later on. Click apply and then ok and you’re done.

If you make a habit of doing this when you download jpgs, you will be able to find them later on, much easier.

When you want to find a particular image, you would go to the search box at the bottom left of your task bar. Type in a word that describes the image you are looking for.


Make sure you have Photos selected at the top under filters.


Let’s say I typed in picture frame, this is what it would return on my computer.



But maybe I want the entire folder of images and files that this particular image resides in. If I hover over the image I was looking for, it will give me the exact location of that file folder.  🙂


      A simple way to organize your images. Unfortunately you can only tag jpgs (as far as I know).

Hope this post helps you get better organized with your images!

Have a great day~


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  1. Janis

    On a Mac you can tag or put keywords on you downloads, even if they aren’t jpeg files. You can also do keywords in Photo, where most of us have our jpegs. I have an album of Cricut ideas in Photo but never thought of doing tags on the photos, good idea! Thanks.

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